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Our Unique Wealth Creation Approach

Initial Strategy Session

We’ll review your personal goals and align them with a proven wealth creation strategy to fast track your investment property portfolio.


Based on our Initial Wealth Session, we’ll formulate a personalised Wealth Creation Plan.

Property Selection

We’ll select potential properties that meet our strict requirements and review them together to make sure your expectations are met.


On your behalf, we’ll negotiate hard on price & terms to achieve the best possible outcome. We truly believe that buying at the right price will make or break your portfolio.

Ongoing Support

We’ll provide ongoing support during and beyond property settlement including help with financing, conveyancing, pest & building, and development processes.

Evaluate & Repeat

We’ll evaluate and repeat this process to build & optimise your investment portfolio.

Our Key Criteria

Population Growth

Population growth & migration rates directly translate to property prices. We target higher population growth areas.

Supply & demand

Refers to the number of properties on the market vs how fast they’re being sold or tenanted.


Socio-economic demographics of residents such as occupation, education, income & wealth help predict the future of the area.

Rental Yield

Rental yields are a good indication of return on investment. We look for rental yields above 4%.


Proximity to transport, shopping, hospitals, schools & universities are all critical factors of value growth potential.


By analysing the income bracket, we can determine whether the local market can afford the rent or future sale of the property.

Infrastructure Investments

Locations with planned public & private investment tend to increase employment & the economy, boosting demand for properties in the area.

Vacancy Rate

Indicates rental demand in the area. We look for vacancy rates below 3%.


At Mantra Wealth we focus on properties that can be developed to provide our clients with solid wealth creation strategies and implementing exit strategies to minimize risk associated with the investment.
The properties we seek out would have development potential and demonstrate a clear pathway for manufacturing wealth through both short term redevelopment, rental income and then longer term equity growth.
Visit our website and read our Client Success stories for insights on some of our previous projects.
We found every client has unique requirements for their personal wealth building goals, financial capacity and time commitment. We create personalised strategies based on each client’s requirements while incorporating new ideas for faster success.


We have "NO RESULT, NO FEE" policy. This is an extension of our mantra "helping clients to build wealth" which ensures our commitment to client success, with no obligations.
With access to over 200+ real estate agents in our NSW and QLD network, we have our finger on the pulse and can more readily identify what current property trends are going to present opportunities for our clients.

Contact us for a discussion about your wealth growing objectives today.

Whatever your current situation, we can work with you to make your property portfolio a success.
It's common for us to find off-market properties (not available to the general public) and then help our clients secure them below market value. One such example was a land deal negotiated and purchased at 17% below market value ($130K). We then helped our client develop 7 new homes on the land.


Our buyer's agency is unique in that we have a sister company called Mantra Property Group that is able to support clients beyond the property purchase. We can assist with the redevelopment process, from consultation to planning, design, council approvals, construction to completion.






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